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Our comprehensive services encompass product design, casting mold design, prototyping, batch production, and packaging design. With a focus on precision and innovation, we deliver end-to-end solutions to bring your ideas to life efficiently and seamlessly.

Product Development

Our expertise spans Visual Identity Design, Promo Video production, captivating Promo Photography, cutting-edge Installation Design, dynamic Motion Design, and strategic partnerships with artists for collaborative initiatives.

Marketing & Branding

By offering comprehensive services covering transportation, storage, customs declaration, and third-party quality control, we are committed to ensuring the safety and quality of our clients' goods. With meticulous service, we provide thorough assurance for our customers.


What Can We Do

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Over time, "IMFRAGILE" has collaborated with designers and brands worldwide to create extraordinary works of art.

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IMFRAGILE: A ceramic-focused design studio offering end-to-end solutions—from consultation, design, and prototyping to mass production and logistics. 


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